Online training: Incorporating telemedicine into healthcare practice

Telemedicine refers to providing health care services at a distance using information and communication technologies (ICT). Telemedicine involves providing some kind of health care service to a patient, such as an online consultation between a patient and a doctor, remote patient monitoring through medical devices, or consultations between two doctors to arrive at a management plan for a patient case. The term “telehealth” is a broader umbrella term which encompasses providing health services at a distance (telemedicine) as well as other health system activities like health provider education (eLearning), research and evaluation (online questionnaires), health administration activities. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, providing health care via telemedicine has become a necessity. The goal of this training is to orient doctors and hospital administrators to the field of telemedicine so they can effectively use telemedicine in their day to day practice or incorporate it into their health organization. This training is open to doctors and health administrators from Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


This training will cover the following topics,

1. Definition of telemedicine
2. Modes which can be used for telemedicine – audio, video, chat, store-and-forward
3. Pros and cons of telemedicine
4. Legal basis of telemedicine
5. Considerations for which drugs can and cannot be prescribed over telemedicine
6. Patient safety and informed consent in telemedicine
7. Advances in telemedicine
8. Demonstration of the Intelehealth platform
9. QnA session


Dr. Bimal Buch, Chief Medical Officer. M.B.B.S., M.B.A. (H.M.), F.C.G.P., F.P. Consultant, D.H.R.D., P.G.D.H.R.M., P.G.C.H.M.,P.G.C.HIV/AIDS, Dip.T.D. Orange belt Six sigma (MSME), PGC QM & AHO (Post graduate certificate in Quality management and accreditation of Hospital organization), Dip. C.M.H. (NIMHANS)

Watch the recorded training below!

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