NISHTHA Swasthya Sampark Helpline- Caring for people with post-COVID illnesses

Post-COVID complications could be disturbing your mental health, read how this beneficiary received complete support from the helpline


NISHTHA Swasthya Sampark Beneficiary Testimonial

I contracted COVID-19 during the second wave, however, my symptoms were mild. As was the norm prevalent at that time, I had to isolate myself at home in my small village in Palamu district, Jharkhand. Home isolation was challenging as I was away from my family whilst also managing household chores and cooking for myself. Being alone was only making me feel all the sicker. During my isolation, I had severe stomach aches, chest pain, excess sweating, and gastro issues. Due to the lack of doctors in the village, I had spoken to a few doctors whose details I got thru references, however, their medication didn’t work.
I felt all the more isolated and it took a toll on my mental health. I then decided to look for COVID-19 care-related helpline numbers when I came across NISHTHA Swasthya Sampark helpline that provided free teleconsultation by a remote doctor. I immediately called the helpline and I was connected to a remote doctor. The doctor queried about my name, address, age, and the health issues I was facing and carried out a thorough diagnosis. The doctor suggested a couple of exercises, asked to drink plenty of water, eat nutritious food and meditate.
I began following the doctor’s advice. What amazed me through this entire process was that I received multiple follow-up calls from the NISHTHA Swasthya Sampark helpline checking on my health status and my well-being. Seeing the rising number of infections, deaths of young and old couples with being isolated, I feared for my life. But with this helpline, I was totally relieved and received immense support from the NISHTHA Swasthya Helpline team. It just felt like a family member checking on my health status which helped me recover soon.
I thank all those involved in launching the NISHTHA Swasthya Sampark helpline for this excellent initiative and for helping people in isolation. I feel much better today. They were there for me when I needed emotional support the most”

Remote doctor shares his experience in consulting covid recovered patients suffering from post covid complications.
Dr. Arvind Singh – Working under NISHTHA Swasthya Sampark telemedicine platform

I am a physiotherapist based in Jharkhand and President of Arogya Foundation of India, Dhanbad Bagh. During the second COVID wave, there was a rise in post covid complications amongst recovered patients. To address this issue, we started consulting patients as remote doctors for the NISHTHA Swasthya Sampark helpline – a helpline for post-COVID care. This helpline was launched by the Govt of Jharkhand in partnership with USAID-NISHTHA.
I have been working on this helpline for the last 2 months and have attended multiple calls with regards to post- COVID breathing problems, muscular weakness, emotional and physiological problems. Being a physiotherapist, I aim to improve patients’ quality of life and ensure that their lives are back to normal.
In these months I have attended to multiple patients calling in with breathing problems & spondylitis issues. For those with breathing problems, I demonstrated breathing exercises virtually, while those with spondylitis issues were shown different yoga exercises  and postures. I also attended to patients who suffered facial and hemiparesis (one side body paralyzed) paralysis. These patients were anxious about their health. I showed them specific exercises for their paralysis and also counseled them to boost their confidence.
During my follow-up calls with the patients, I received plenty of positive feedback about the helpline. They were satisfied with the helpline’s services. Patients were also happy with the treatment they received.
“The NISHTHA Swasthya Sampark helpline has helped many COVID recovered patients who needed constant care during their post covid recovery. I was trained virtually on the features of the app and on connecting with patients through this tech-based platform. I thank all the stakeholders involved in launching this helpline that can help patients who are in dire need of immediate care and treatment”

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