Intelehealth’s Covid-19 response

Intelehealth is a telemedicine & case management app that supports patients and frontline health workers with a digital assistant called ‘Ayu’ for triage and risk assessment. It connects them with remote doctors over telemedicine (audio/video calls) in order to provide care for patients in hard-to-reach situations. We have set up several telemedicine projects in countries like India, Philippines and Haiti.

We are keeping a close eye on the Covid-19 outbreak in the countries where we work and are actively planning the impact of this outbreak on the programs we support. From the experiences of countries who are battling the pandemic, we believe that the time for preparedness is now, as a late response can be very damaging, especially for vulnerable communities. In our commitment to support strong health systems, we are reaching out to interested health organizations with technical support for Covid response.

Intelehealth’s unique Covid-19 monitoring and case management solution has three modules:

  • Identification of cases:

    • A website for the general public to self-triage and identify if they need to get tested or if they should self-isolate.

    • Available in multiple Indian languages

  • Treatment and monitoring of suspected and confirmed cases:

    • A Telemedicine based home-monitoring solution for patients who are suspected or confirmed of having Covid-19 to guide them through the 14 day period of self-isolation/ quarantine. Provides guidance to the patients for how to comply with home-quarantine instructions and health education messages.

    • Features,

    • Allows assigning of health workers to high-risk cases

    • Allows health workers to securely access patient information, update patient medical records with clinical evidence

    • Case Management and medical decisions to recommend isolation can be automated, scaled efficiently using mobile platform

  • Mapping of suspected and confirmed cases

    • GIS mapping and real-time monitoring dashboards for suspected and confirmed cases to identify infected clusters

    • Contact tracing module where suspected and confirmed cases can use the app to enter information of the people they have come in close contact with and places they have visited

Benefits for Governments, NGOs and hospitals in launching an effective and timely COVID-19 response:

  1. Real time data for decision making of level of spread – early warning system to identify community spread

  2. Better compliance of patients with home quarantine with less stress

  3. Allows greater efficiency in deployment and use of medical resources, doctors attention when appropriate and necessary when meaningful alarms are triggered

  4. Availability of credible and strategic data and insights into capacity needs of isolation units

  5. Ability to cast a bigger net and have broader reach for COVID-19 response

  6. Can inform contact tracing workflows

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