Impact Story – Rani Urang (AFI Assam)

Mahakali is home to one of the more notable tea estates of the Tinsukia District of Assam. Much like other tea estates, these too are looked after by the tea-tribes- a community of tea plantation workers who were originally brought to these lands by the British from Odisha, Jharkhand and West Bengal. Times may have changed but accessing good healthcare still remains a challenge. 

Rani Urang is a part of this community and with the help of Ekal Abhiyan and the Arogya Foundation of India is changing that dismal story. She is an Arogya Sevika and works with the Telemedicine Enhanced Arogya program (supported by technology from Intelehealth). She has been an eager learner and today she can carry out various kinds of diagnostics for all age-groups within her community. These tests and her role in conducting them becomes critical in availing primary healthcare through the telemedicine app. Technology can make a notable difference to the healthcare landscape but not until it is supported and adopted by inspired individuals who are willing to add that human touch- individual like Rani Urang. Do listen to this slice from her daily life.

About the project:

This project is a collaboration between the Arogya Foundation of India (AFI) and Intelehealth (IH) The Ekal Arogya Telemedicine Project is implemented in the tribal communities in Assam, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal. This project enables community health workers, also known as Sevikas, who use smartphones and telemedicine kits to collect patient histories, and conduct teleconsultations with remote doctors. The Sevikas counsel, screen, and follow up on the treatment plan, thus tracking patient health outcomes.

The Sevikas are community-based frontline healthcare providers who have completed at least secondary school. They are fluent in the local language, both reading and writing, and have been collaborating with the Arogya Foundation of India (AFI) on health-related issues, primarily preventative health care with a focus on hygiene and nutrition, home remedies, and developing a kitchen garden. AFI has thus empowered and motivated community women to participate in community engagement activities.

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