Telemedicine and Progressive Web Apps

Intelehealth is a Telemedicine platform that serves the last mile population where there are no doctors by enabling NGOs & Governments. At Intelehealth, Progressive Web App (PWA) is used with an aim to have easy access to the Intelehealth Doctor’s portal with just a click through the already installed light-weight PWA in any PWA-enabled device. If you are offline, you will not miss any notifications due to the streamlined firebase cloud messaging notifications. This feature will queue up all the notifications which will be visible to you whenever you  are next online.


Progressive Web App (PWA) is a term used to denote a new software development methodology. Unlike traditional applications, progressive web apps are a hybrid of regular web pages (or websites) and a mobile application. This new application model attempts to combine features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of mobile experience. It works on different platforms in every modern browser.


  1. User can install PWA on the phone while browsing the website

  2. Provides fast loading, and efficiency of using services anytime, anywhere

  3. Lightweight and easy to install

  4. Works efficiently across all platforms

  5. Easily maintainable

  6. Low deployment cost

  7. Works in offline mode

  8. Supports push notifications like native apps

  9. Reduces device storage up to 25 times

  10. It can be installed in any low-end android devices


The basic components are:

Service workers – Mainly for offline support architecture and background tasks. Rapid loading is also possible with service workers. It works in the background and performs Cloud notifications, Background sync, Background fetch, Offline Support, etc which a real application does, making it similar in working to a native application.

Web app exhibit – The web app exhibit is used to build the app with native-like features having an app icon on the home screen, UI, and which is nothing but web pages serving in offline mode, with support from a service worker.

It is not available on Play Store or Microsoft store as it is an actual website that behave and feels like a native app which gives you an option to install it. In the mobile app browser, it prompts at the bottom to ‘Add to the Home Screen’ while on the PC it will appear in the address bar and looks like a download button.

Here are some popular brands, who are using PWA’s –

    1. Google

    2. Instagram

    3. Uber

    4. Pinterest

    5. Twitter Lite

    6. Make my trip

    7. Forbes

Progressive Web Apps are a new trend in web development. This technology brings incredible results, both for marketers and users. Efficient functioning together with quick and easy access to required data, make it User and Publisher friendly. All things considered, its likely to be the future of mobile websites and app development.

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