Devesh Varma joins the Intelehealth Advisory Board

We are delighted to welcome Devesh Varma to the advisory board of Intelehealth – a seasoned professional with over two decades in the development sector, who brings a wealth of experience from both the US and Indian organisational and entrepreneurial landscape.

Currently working as the Head of OLA Foundation leading their initiative on Livelihoods and Healthcare in the rural to urban continuum, Devesh has been Chief Technology Officer at Piramal Swasthya, Apollo Telehealth, and Community Science Alliance @SocialAlpha. In these roles, Devesh has played a pivotal role in leading, designing, and implementing technology-enabled healthcare solutions across multiple states, emphasizing accessibility and affordability. His experience in the public healthcare domain is not just limited to overseeing the program design and technology aspects but also insights into the socio-cultural dynamics that truly make or break the on-ground implementation of these programs.

We hope to tap into this rich experience on and off the field to shape tech solutions that are more intuitive and consistently aware of people’s needs in different contexts.

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