Arogya Sampada – A COVID19 care & Information related to Covid vaccination helpline

I am a resident of Parbhani district in Maharashtra. My close relatives were due to take their first vaccination dose but few days before their vaccination, they showed Covid-19 symptoms. On testing, their results came positive. They completed their 14 day quarantine period and were curious to know when it would be possible for them to take their vaccination. I helped them in finding out on the internet, but there were different reports about vaccination post covid. This led to a lot of confusion and they were not sure about getting vaccinated.
Around this time we found out about Arogya Sampada, a free teleconsultation helpline  launched by Intelehealth for COVID-19 and vaccine related queries. We called the helpline and then we were connected to their remote doctor. The doctor guided us and gave us authentic information where we decided to follow his advice.
“We thank Intelehealth and their initiative for setting up this helpline which helped us in connecting with doctors and clearing all out doubts I would recommend citizens to use Intelehealth’s helpline services for authentic information”

Pankaj Ghodke (Resident of Parbhani district,
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