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Intelehealth has developed a comprehensive technology platform that Governments, NGO’s and Hospitals can use to deliver telemedicine-based care to their beneficiaries. Built with powerful features like a digital assistant with 80+ care protocols, our technology is an open source and more importantly, free – making it easy for any organization to use and adapt it to meet their needs!

  • Improve Patient Health Outcomes

  • Deliver Patient-Centered Care

  • Reduce Delays In Care-Seeking

  • Support Frontline Health Workers

  • Impactful – Scalable – Cost-Effective Programs

Why Intelehealth

Empowering Telemedicine Solutions Across The Globe

Intelehealth’s prime focus is to improve access to primary health care for the hard-to-reach population. Health organizations all over the world have used our technology to improve health outcomes like reducing malnutrition, improving the management of diabetes, providing home care for patients affected by COVID-19, and managing care for pregnant women. We go beyond just providing technology, but also provide end-to-end implementation support, training and monitoring and evaluation support to ensure projects meet their impact goals.

Our Services

More than 75% of telemedicine initiatives fail in the operational phase. Our end-to-end support services let Governments, NGO’s and Hospitals scale their programs and meet their impact goals with ease.

Implementation Support

Intelehealth’s on-ground implementation services for day-to-day project operations ensure the running of successful telemedicine projects across the nation.


We specialize in providing training on capacity building for frontline workers, doctors, project staff and our partners.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We monitor the usage and provide targeted support to Governments, NGO’s and Hospitals to ensure increased health outcomes.

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Atul Satija


The/Nudge Institute

Telemedicine is one of the very few solutions to solve the shortage of doctors and an important way to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 in rural India. That’s why we at The/Nudge invested in Intelehealth, an organization that aims to transform rural healthcare delivery. They have a big vision, an innovative solution and a stellar team that’s already making a big impact in some of the hardest to reach areas.

Dr. Mukul Bhatia

National Co-ordinator

Arogya Foundation of India (AFI)

Chikitsa Sahayata Kendra has been a very successful project because it has substantially brought down the cost of treatment for the very remotely placed villagers who had to travel for 5 – 6 hours to Bhubaneswar even for their minor ailments and sometimes due to delay in treatment led to incurable complications. All this has been possible through close cooperation of team Intelehealth right from establishing the clinics, training of field workers, doctors and coordinators in telecommunication techniques and constantly improving the software, dashboards and techniques of history taking to make them more and more user friendly.

Kevin Starr


Mulago Foundation

“COVID has dramatically accelerated the adoption of telemedicine around the globe, including in India. Intelehealth’s tools are some of the best we’ve seen and enable a well-managed community health worker to team up with a competent doctor to provide a level of care that has been forever out of reach for the poor. This solution has huge potential.”

Ronit Kanwar

Manager, Partnerships

Schmidt Futures

Intelehealth’s open-source telemedicine platform has the potential to improve access to healthcare across the globe. This digital solution democratizes access to telemedicine in rural and vulnerable populations and leverages existing medical expertise within countries. We are inspired by the ambition of the team and excited to support this technology as it continues to improve lives around the world.

Yogesh Vaishnav

Development Director

Vikalp Sansthan

Vikalp Sansthan has been running a helpline in assisting domestic violence survivor’s since its inception, but we were having difficulties with data, follow-up dates, tracking cases, and reports. Then, with the assistance of IBIS, Intelehealth created an app for us. It is now a national toll-free IVRS-based helpline. It is extremely beneficial to us. This app has expanded our reach and sped up our work. Vikalp Sansthan’s team can handle digital devices and support survivors more effectively with Intelehealth’s technical assistance

Meenal Khare



Uninhibited is delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Intelehealth to scale Hello Saathi and provide free MHH & SRH telemedicine access to marginalised communities across India. We have already gained access to a pool of outstanding medical talent and look forward to operational, cost and technological efficiencies over the coming years. We are immensely excited to work collaboratively towards improved health behaviour change outcomes with the Intelehealth team.

Our SDG’s

We as an organization align with three UN Sustainable Development Goals in our bid to provide holistic and integrated healthcare services through telemedicine to the last mile population where there is no doctor

Our SDG’s

We as an organization align with three UN Sustainable Development Goals in our bid to provide holistic and integrated healthcare services through telemedicine to the last mile population where there is no doctor

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